Road Travel: Galiano is a small, but a long and narrow island, and to see much of the island, visitors drive or ride. Winding roads and a lack of street lighting result in limited visibility. Drivers, please watch your speed and share the road.

Cyclists should use caution, "dress-to-be-seen" in light reflective clothing and keep to the right. All should exercise extreme caution on hills and turns. Everyone, look out for the deer.

Buses: There are two seasonal shuttle buses that help visitors get around. In summer, the Hummingbird Pub Bus runs during evening hours from the Marina to the pub, where you'll find a number of shops nearby. Also in the summer, the Galiano Oceanfront Inn & Spa Shuttle Bus runs afternoons and evenings, connecting the Inn near the main Village of Sturdies Bay (with its many shops and services) and the marina. Schedules are posted on-island during the summer.

Taxi and Bus Service: Galiano Island does not currently have a public transport system or taxi service.

Water Taxi: In the Summer, a water taxi runs between Galiano Island and Salt Spring Island, on Saturdays only, from the Village of Sturdies Bay (dock at the Ferry Terminal) to the Village of Ganges on Salt Spring. The taxi only runs in July and August; however, visitors can take the same boat in the other months on weekdays (Monday through Thursday) when it operates as a school boat and transportation.

Guided Tours: As an alternative to the above, you can take a guided tour of the island with Tour Galiano.

Other Transportation

Vehicle and Moped Rental: Rentals of Mopeds are available from Galiano Adventures. Car rental is limited: try the Galiano Inn's Smart cars.

Water Transportation: Go out on a Kayaking excursion or rent a boat to get around Galiano or to visit another island. A visit to the West Coast of British Columbia would not be complete without water transportation.