Traveller's Alert

Galiano Island is passionate about hospitality and welcoming visitors. However, the current health crisis is the most serious challenge we have faced in our community, for our residents and our Island economy, and it is impacting that welcoming hospitality.

Potential visitors should know that our Island has reduced services: most restaurants and stores are now closed. And, as a very small island, we have limited resources for medical care and services and transportation and food: all of which can only support our island population right now.

We ask that you postpone any vacation plans for Galiano Island and visit us when the time is safe for you and for us.

We also ask you to consider buying a Gift Certificate now, for a stay or dinner or gift…it will help our small businesses make it through difficult times.

Community COVID-19 Support Bulletin Board

Hello Friend.

Thank you for your interest in our Island during these trying times.

As you are aware, things are a little topsy-turvy these days and life on Galiano is no different. This is a time when our community needs all the support it can muster.

Below is a list of businesses that are offering "Gift Certificates" for a "buy now, visit later" experience. If you are thinking of visiting us some time in the future, now would be a good time to book your trip and help support our small business owners through this crisis.

Friends helping friends

We recognize that a community is strongest when everyone's needs are met. In this time of crisis, membership should be subordinate to support. This list is open to all businesses on Galiano. If you would to include your business on the list below, please let us know here.

Groceries, Markets & Farms

Ixchel Galiano Craft Shop
Outdoor Activities

Gulf Island Kayaking
Contact: Chessi Miltner