Galiano is blessed with being one of the main feeding routes for the ORCA (killer) Whales. Several pods including the one identified as J Pod are regular visitors to our shores. The best viewing spot is anywhere that you have a full view of Active Pass at the south end of Galiano. You are likely to see 10 or more in a travelling group. To see a 20 ton whale breach (come right out of the water) is a sight that will take your breath away. In 2015, the Orca pods in the Pacific Northwest, delivered the most young since 1997.

If you're lucky enough to witness this pod, keep an eye out for Granny (aka J2).  She's the oldest known Orca in the world; estimated to have been born in 1911.  You can identify Granny by her solid grey saddle-patch and the thin cresent notch mid-way up her dorsal fin.