Many years ago, with the support of a well-known Resident, a few Peacocks immigrated to Galiano. They came, they liked, they stayed and they prospered. Today it is estimated that more than 20 of these magnificent birds reside full time on Galiano. 

Mating season in the spring of each year is a sight to behold. The Males (Peacocks) fan out their long tail feathers to attract the Females (Peahens).  

Each hen will lay up to 6 eggs each year. When the eggs hatch, the chicks are vulnerable to the Peacocks natural enemies; Bald Eagles, Wild Mink & Feral Cats. By the time the chicks are old enough to fly, there will likely be only one or two survivors. 

You may be lucky enough to see a group preparing to roost for the night. They meander back & forth looking up at tree branches. As dusk settles in, they fly into the trees and spend the night safe from all their enemies.