From our Video Gallery, you can get a bird’s eye view of Galiano, watch Orca whales playing in Active Pass, see why Galiano is truly an Island for all seasons and so much more about our Island.

Get Over Galiano Island with a Flying Camera

What's Up Vancouver Island flies 'Buzz' the flying camera, over two Galiano Island waterfront parks. Galiano is only a short car ferry ride away from Vancouver Island, and at 30 km long, is chock full of jaw dropping oceanfront scenery and parks.

Galiano Island | An Island For All Seasons

from Pure Souls on Vimeo.

Galiano Island Winter Tourism Video

from Pure Souls on Vimeo.

Galiano 101

Karen from ShawTVSouthVI shows you all the fun things to do on Galiano Island.

About 50 Orca killer whales playing in Active Pass

Credit: Gary Cullen
An excellent show of J and L pods of the southern resident orcas playing and enjoying themselves in their natural habitat in Active Pass off of Galiano Island. One of the new babies can be seen doing multiple breaches while other adults were doing synchronized mini breaching and back to back sideways swimming. The video was shot from the shore of Galiano Island off the southern coast of British Columbia, Canada.

Orcas in Active Pass

Credit: bcpolak
Orcas in Active Pass off the shores of Galiano Island. The spot is not far from InTheBluff and the Galiano Inn & Spa.