The Gem of the Salish Sea

Beautiful, comfortable and always welcoming, Galiano Island is the perfect place to get away. When you've had your fill of hiking, whale watching, fishing and golf, you'll find plenty of friendly spots to shop locally, eat and raise a glass to another wonderful day on Galiano.

Our Getting Here and Getting Around pages detail how to reach us easily.

Vital Statistics

Galiano Island is one of the Canadian Southern Gulf Islands lying between Vancouver Island and British Columbia's Lower Mainland. The Island is located on the west side of the Strait of Georgia, is 27.5 km long, 6 km at our widest point, and 1.6 km across at our narrowest point. On the western shore of our island are a series of sandstone caves accessible by sea kayak. We have a population of just over a thousand residents.

Natural Diversity

We're the wildest gulf island, thanks to mountainous geography and generous forest reserves. A rich and rare plant population thrives here, as do eagles, otter, hummingbirds, owl, deer and other wildlife. Also Galiano is the driest in the gulf, our island sees more sunshine than the mainland and most of coastal BC. Our peaceful beaches, wooded trails, nine-hole golf course, multiple artists' studios & galleries and marina will help you make good use of those extra hours.


Galiano is named after the eighteeth century Spanish explorer Dionisio Alcalá Galiano, who explored the westcoast of Canada in 1792. Our Island has long been inhabited by aboriginal people from the Penelakut First Nation and used by other Coast Salish nations. Midden pits at Montague Harbour suggest 3000 years of habitation. Today there is one Indian Reserve at the northend located at the northern tip under Penelakut administration. For a fully history of Galiano please refer to our Galiano Museum Society.


Galiano Island has a large variety of animals. Our Island is a major flight path for migrating birds. Hundreds of bird species residing or passing through include eagles, great blue herons, owls, turkey vultures, hummingbirds, sea gulls and cormorants & many more.

Off our shores are resident orca whales, seals, otters, sea lions and many more varieties of sea life.